Application Description Bugzilla
MGMDB Framework to interact with different databases. View
Chromatic Chromium Updater. View
Xcode-Scripts Run Scripts for Xcode. View
SoundNote Notifications for system events. View
Exhaust Take control of your login items. View
Adinline Adds images inline with the message in Adium. View
CocoaShare File sharing made easy. View
VoiceBase/Mac/Mob Google Voice and SIP Client. View
SpruceSSL Protect yourself against sslstrip and FireSheep. View
MGMMD A public domain implementation of popular hash algorithms with objective-c apis. View
GeckoReporter A Framework for managing crash reports, bug reports, and messages. View
PasswordPractice Password Practice allows you to practice your password with statistics on how many mistakes you made and how accurate you are. View
FlashFire Safari Extension to Block Flash and load them by one click. View
GLogoChanger Safari Extension to change the logo of Google's home and search page. View